The principal, John Trenerry, has had a lifelong interest in the improvement of personal effectiveness, and so Enertren also offers services in this area primarily in a business context as applied to work groups.

John Trenerry is an accredited consultant in Extended DISC® psychometric analysis. Services offered by Enertren include: half-day group workshops; personal behavioural style analysis for recruitment, job design, and career transition; work pair and team performance improvement; and change management facilitation.

Extended DISC® is the most advanced behavioural assessment system currently available. Its greatest advantage is the identification of both the subconscious or 'natural' behaviour style and the conscious or 'adjusted' behavioural style.

Extended DISC® assessment reports provide practical action plans to improve individual, team and organisational performance. Enertren works closely with clients to design reports that suit their specific requirements and objectives, and debriefs all individuals who complete the analysis.

Extended DISC® Analysis Tools

Personal Analysis

An online assessment tool used to determine a person's natural behaviour style. It also determines any behavioural adjustments the person is making in response to their present situation. It provides information on the person's style in different functional situations such as sales, management, customer service, entrepreneurship and teamwork. It also identifies the person's decision making style, specific motivators and fears. The Personal Analysis forms the basis of the following tools.

Work Pair Analysis

This assessment tool combines the results of two Personal Analysis reports to provide guidance about how the two people can improve their efficiency and performance when working together.

Team Analysis

An assessment tool which maps the behavioural data of individuals working together such as a project team, department or organisation. It provides information about the natural and adjusted behavioural styles of the team in areas such as management, decision making and communication.

Personal 360° Analysis

A 360° assessment tool giving an individual information about their behaviour style as perceived by other people such as their peers, managers and reports.

Job Analysis

A powerful assessment tool for organisational development and recruitment. It identifies perceptions and expectations that individuals have about a particular job. It's used to define a job that a person is most likely to succeed in, or to identify people who have natural styles most closely aligned to the job.